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ADTRAN is synonymous with excellence in providing cost-effective solutions that equip Wide Area Networks (WAN) worldwide. These products, specifically ADTRAN Netvanta, continue to address enterprise needs for higher bandwidth with innovative optical networking and fiber solutions. WAN Access solutions remain a vital part of business networks and ADTRAN continues as the market leader. ADTRAN Netvanta wireless network solutions offer critical cost savings by aggregating circuits, locations, and voice and data traffic more efficiently. When you need to add capacity or simply connect with confidence, ADTRAN wireless network solutions enable you to do so reliably and cost-effectively. Our WAN Access solutions address a number of connectivity challenges and applications for T1/E1; PRI/PRA; T3/E3; Fiber Access; Wireless Access and backup over networks using 3G; and Ethernet networks, for connectivity between buildings; across campus; or mutli-site networks.

ADTRAN WAN Access Solutions:

  • Bring Confidence to Your Network
  • Market-proven Solutions
  • Equip Networks Reliably and Cost-effectively

  • Include Products for TDM over IP, T1/E1, T3/E3, PRI/PRA, ISDN and DDS, Fiber, Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper
  • Include DSU/CSUs; Multiplexers; Terminal Adapters; Campus Connectivity, Aggregation, Switching, and Bandwidth Consolidation Solutions