Carrier Solutions

Communication solutions are no longer just phone lines and internet circuits. There are new services that consistently hit the market, like SD-WAN and UCaaS.

Who is the best
service provider?

The answer is based upon your corporate needs and many variables factor into which carrier’s solutions fits you best.

Find your carrier fit

Our consultative approach takes into account your business needs, designing the best network solution, while choosing the best carrier from our extensive portfolio of carrier solution providers. Communication solutions are no longer just phone lines and internet circuits. There are new services that consistently hit the market, like SD-WAN and UCaaS. It can be hard to keep up with the alphabet soup! That’s where Evolve Technologies can help guide the design of your network and make sure it will handle voice, video, cloud computing and internet traffic.

Evolve Technologies has agency agreements with all the major carriers, and national CLEC’s with whom we can provide competitive quotes for services. Through our agency agreements we see the best prices available with each carrier and look for promotions that will benefit our customers bottom line, providing you with unbiased options and value.

What is SD-WAN?

SDWAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is the new rage in building fast, secure and cost-effective network solutions. It may be the right solution to replace your current MPLS network, saving you money, building a faster redundant network and can be spun up quickly.

Is SDWAN right for you?

Let Evolve Technologies deliver options to drive your business forward weighing both MPLS and SDWAN to see which technology works best for you.

The UCaaS Advantage

UCaaS, Unified Communications as a Service, provides your company with cutting edge voice technologies that your IT staff never needs to update.

Spend your way and only use the features important to your company’s success. Features include Mobility integration, full voice and video conferencing, state of the art Contact Center solutions for your busy call center and lightning-quick Disaster Recovery in the event of power outages.

Considering SIP Trunks, or Staying with PRI?

As in all things public the Government has weighed in and will help decide your future. The Federal Communication Commission has mandated that carriers begin to remove copper loops, which support traditional PRI’s, and transition to an IP Infrastructure to be completed by 2021. Let Evolve Technologies explain the complexities of this ruling and how it effects your current services and a conversion to SIP technology.

Copper vs. Fiber

There are many things to consider when weighing the option of copper circuits vs fiber circuit delivery. Based on your business communications demand fiber may be a better solution over copper for your network infrastructure. Evolve Technologies can help you evaluate the options with carriers that have fiber in your area.

So many choices and so little time! Let evolve technologies pinpoint the right solution for your business.

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