bring your own device, byod, evolve technologiesPeople at all levels of business are becoming aware of  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology, many without even realizing it.  Smartphones, laptops, IPad’s PDAs and other devices come attached to many people at and away from work. As a result, the rise in this carry-with way of living, companies must rethink the way they provide infrastructure and internal services to its employees.

There are a few critical issues associated with BYOD technology, including:

  • Network Access: The company network is for company work. With employees accessing the internal network via unsupported computers and devices, companies must consider their network access policies. Some businesses are implementing “guest networks” allowing employees to get web access from their device without opening up the internal network to any security issues.
  • Network Safety: Viruses are already hard enough to protect against. What about when devices that the IT department hasn’t cleared are accessing the network? Many companies are requiring that any device that hooks up to the network has approved virus protection installed correctly first.
  • Internal Data: With personal devices hooked up to the network, protecting secure data from hacking illegal access and viruses becomes a major concern. Look for emerging companies that can provide “secure containers” installed on employee devices to keep important data from spilling out where it shouldn’t be.
  • Play In The Sandbox: Third-party resources like a “sandbox” make it simple for employees to gather in a virtual space regardless of device or location. Usually you can keep what happens in the sandbox separated from external eyeballs and usage.

Evolve Technologies understands and is able to provide solutions to the BYOD phenomenon is here. Instead of fighting it, companies must nurture it while finding ways to respond to the issues it creates.  Along with Enterasys Networks, Evolve Technologies is able to provide an automated single-policy management with the same superior user experience whether the user attaches via a wired or wireless connection while also reducing network management complexities and improving network security.

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