Palo Alto Networks logo, evolve technologies, firewall solutionToday next-generation technology can use innovation to support organizations in solving the most difficult of IT issues. Businesses can use commonly accessed elements such as applications in order to augment your high-performance firewall architecture.  Today Evolve Technologies recommends Palo Alto Networks as the goto solution for your next-generation firewall needs.

 Firewall Technology Built Specifically for Your Business Needs

Gain the advantage of function specific processing tightly integrated with a single-pass software engine. Palo Alto Networks provides the next-generation firewall that combines hardware and software in a manner focused on increasing network output while minimizing latency.

Base Your Applications on Secure Enabling of Users and Groups

IP addresses have become ineffective for monitoring or controlling the activity of your users. Palo Alto Networks cutting-edge firewalls will integrate with broad-ranges of terminal services and user repositories, making it possible to incorporate information of both users and groups into secure policies.

Full visibility is available today with user ID.  It can then be viewed and reported for policy control where all activity on the network can be logged as well. Transparency of users and groups enables secure applications. The user ID seamlessly integrates these next-generation firewalls with the largest-scope of enterprise directories available today.

Forward Domain Communication With Relevant User Information

Transparent end-user policy information can be tied into the firewall using:

  • Active Directory
  • eDirectory
  • OpenLDAP
  •  LDAP based directory servers

This means that User-ID agents communicate with your domain controllers,

Identifying users via a browser challenge. If a user can’t be identified through your depository, the captive portal will be utilized for enforcement of user-based security policies.

Authentication is completely transparent to the user as well. The Palo Alto Networks captive portal is configured to send NTLM authentication requests to web browsers in place of username and password prompts.

Integration Of User Information From Any User Repository

Organizations use repositories or applications already containing knowledge of current user IP addresses. XML based REST API is used to tie that repository directly into the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall.

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