Cloud computing was once a futuristic technological dream before it became available for use institutions needing to store large amounts of data; principally governments, universities, and research centers. However, today, cloud computing is mainstream technology and one of the most influential technological trends sweeping the business world.

ipad with cloud image in background, Evolve Technologies, Cloud computingCloud computing links a vast group of servers via high-speed internet networks allowing for the creation of huge server-farms where massive amounts of data, software, and applications can be stored.

Beyond basic storage fulfillment, cloud computing provides a pool of resources that organizations can tap into quickly and from anywhere. Evolve Technologies pools resources in the cloud add to both the storage capacity and the technological evolution of a company.

Evolve Technologies knows cloud computing also creates greater efficiencies.  A company upgrading to a new technology no longer needs to add new infrastructure or purchase new hardware.  Cloud based applications can be accessed though a web browser, a desktop computer, or a mobile phone app. The data is stored on and entrusted to remote servers. The two founding concepts of cloud computing are converged infrastructure and shared services.  With cloud computing, there is no need to install software on each and every device used by the company; employees simply log on to an internet service using the cloud computing system to access their information database.

 Major Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Cloud data can be accessed from anywhere.
  • There is no need to maintain physical hardware.
  • Cloud Computing can provide a substantial increase in storage capacity.
  • Could Computing services are paid for using a pay-as-you-go model, saving upfront capital costs.
  • Cloud storage capacity is scalable; it can be added to or subtracted in accordance with a company’s specific needs.
  • Cloud computing relieves much of the burden on an IT team.
  • Cloud computing vendors offer 24/7 customer service in the event of a network outage.

Evolve Technologies understand there are a few concerns created by cloud computing; primarily confidentiality and security of information. However, under the cloud computing model, providers are highly motivated to provide the best encryption and security measures available anywhere.

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