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To help companies adapt their operations to the new mobility era, Extreme Networks offers the Mobile Enterprise Solution designed for growing numbers of users, devices, and virtualized machines, all of which are in constant motion. From devices accessing the network edge via wired, wireless and remote access to virtual machines moving in the data center, the Extreme Networks Mobile Enterprise Solution helps address many demanding IT tasks and complex architectural challenges with an automated network that:

  • Automatically adapts to optimize the user experience
  • Follows virtual machines in the data center
  • Monitors traffic flows and threats in real time

  • Flattens network tiers
  • Places control in the hands of IT
  • Makes it easier for IT to find moving users and applications to troubleshoot and solve issues

The Extreme Networks Mobile Enterprise Solution is built on an intelligent switching architecture that features ExtremeXOS®, a modular operating system proven for performance, security, resilience, ease of use, scalability, and flexibility. The Extreme Networks solution makes it easier for IT to provide a great personalized experience for the user and improve productivity for their business or operation from the converged network edge to the cloud.

Extreme Networks accomplishes this with automation and intelligence to reduce the time IT devotes to administration and keeping users on-net with the services they need. So hospitals can improve learning, government can improve service, and businesses can improve profitability.