Juniper Networks, Network Solutions, Evolve Technologies

Today more than ever, the network is critical to business success. Innovative enterprises worldwide rely on their networks to expedite growth, increase productivity, reduce costs, and capitalize on new opportunities to outperform the competition. As business demands and risks escalate, the performance of the enterprise network will become increasingly important. Legacy and proprietary technologies and built-in limitations require risky tradeoffs between performance and reliability, affordability and security. These are decisions no one should be forced to make.

With Juniper Networks, you don’t have to. We deliver high-performance network solutions for high-performance businesses.

Our enterprise network solutions help you keep pace with changing requirements by enabling fast, reliable, and secure access to applications and services over a single network. Our infrastructure is based on best-in-class technology and open standards, providing you with greater choice and control in quickly meeting your enterprise network requirements while reducing costs and maximizing existing investments.

LAN/WAN Solutions

Juniper offers unified control or routing, switching and security devices. Provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting are automated over the full device lifecycle, ehancing security, improving efficiency and total cost.

Wireless Network

Juniper wireless controllers, access points, and management tools deliver wireless WAN and LAN solutions for enterprises of all sizes and types from small retail installations to the largest campuses.

Network Security

Juniper security solutions provide fine- grained access control that identifies, mitigates and fully reports on the most sophisticated security threats of the moment.