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Face to Face Care

Healthcare is delivered best when patients and physicians are face to face. Sharing medical history, symptoms and information helps care providers determine the best course of action. As people become more distributed across geographic boundaries, access to specialized care can be compromised. Even in the world’s metropolitan areas, patients need timely access to doctors trained to treat a specific disease or injury.

Bring Doctors to the Exam
Room in HD

High definition (HD) videoconferencing enables virtually every specialty to examine patients using telemedicine with confidence. From oncology and neonatal care to telepsychiatry and speech therapy, the applications for telemedicine in HD are boundless.

LifeSize Means Confidence in Healthcare

Healthcare is clearly the most demanding application for videoconferencing and no solution is as well-suited as LifeSize. With LifeSize, doctors are able to see and hear as clearly as if they are there in person.
Look inside an ear canal, view a radiology film, and see vivid, true colors to determine a patient’s wellbeing. With HD, clinicians have full confidence that they can provide the care their patients deserve.

LifeSize HD Telemedicine Promotes

Increased Patient Reach

Provide care to patients in hard to reach places including isolated areas, prisons and in large metropolitan areas that have a shortage of specialists or need for additional consultations.

Timely Access

In healthcare, timing is critical. Emergent care can be provided real-time and on demand, without transferring patients when time is of the essence.

Reduced Costs and Burden

Provide quality care more cost effectively by reducing costly transfers and travel, lowering the burden on patients and families.

LifeSize TeleMedicine Information

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Experienced Healthcare in HD

✔ Remote access to specialty care: Neonatology, Telepsychiatry, Oncology, Emergency Care, Nephrology, Radiology and many more ✔ Rural telemedicine ✔ Pharmaceutical research and innovation ✔ Teleconsultations for second opinions ✔ Continuing medical education ✔ Telementoring to teach new methods and techniques ✔ Home health monitoring ✔ Administrative meetings without costly travel

The LifeSize Difference:

✔ Quality & Flexibility – LifeSize systems are suited for use in virtually any care environment and have been proven to deliver the best quality picture and performance at any bandwidth level. From a small patient room to the auditorium to the emergency department, use LifeSize where you need it.
✔ Ease of Use – LifeSize is so simple to use that doctors are in control themselves, allowing for natural interactions and increased use.
✔ Integration with Medical Equipment and Content – LifeSize connects with a wide variety of medical scopes and cameras, mobile medical carts, digital stethoscopes, and content, thereby encouraging physicians and educators to share visual diagnostic information and training material.

✔ Secure to Protect Patient Privacy – See patients in high resolution with complete security for privacy compliance (ex. HIPAA), by using strong AES, 128-bit encryption without performance degradation.
✔ Unmatched Price Performance – All of this priced for broad deployment. With the lowest acquisition cost and lowest total cost of ownership, LifeSize is making videoconferencing an affordable extension of today’s healthcare networks.
✔ Video Management & Infrastructure – LifeSize offers standards-based IP management tools that manage multi-vendor networks complete with web-based interfaces and reporting to help healthcare institutions cost-effectively administer reliable videoconferencing.

LifeSize TeleMedicine Information

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