Mitel Sky Hosted Phone Systems

Delivering voice as a service is not an afterthought with Mitel Sky. In fact, Mitel delivered one of the very first hosted business phone systems because they realized that a cloud based option was going to be important for companies evolving with modern realities of work.


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As the creator of the modern phone system, Mitel understands that business demands enterprise-class data integrity, application reliability and physical safeguards. The goal of eliminating all single points of failure is the reason for our investment in several levels of redundancy to maximize uptime for your business. Mitel Sky is co-located in multiple carrier grade facilities with advanced power, security, network and fire suppression technologies built-in to ensure operation, even in the event of severe natural or manmade disasters.


It is a little known fact that many telephone system vendors license core VoIP system software (sometimes called the “softswitch”) from a third party software developer. Very early on, our team asked if this was best way to deliver the flexible and adaptable solution that customers really wanted. How can you react to new technology advancements, customer requests and market changes if you don’t own the technology at the very heart of the solution? You can’t. That’s why we developed the Mitel Sky Call Conductor. This core software makes it possible for the Mitel solution to stay modern as the new paradigm of work continues to take shape.

Service – The Mitel Sky Experience

Mitel describes their mission as providing phone systems and applications with an experience that businesses love. Each new client is provided with resources dedicated to managing a smooth transition through the process from beginning to end. Experts work with internal IT resources or a trusted third party to deliver a complete, certified and integrated solution. The experience doesn’t stop there. At a time when most companies are making it more and more difficult to reach a live person for customer support, Mitel offers direct user support at the touch of a button. If a customer has an urgent issue or a question to discuss with a member of the support team, they simply press a button on their Mitel Sky phone and select the option to call support. There’s no need to look up a phone number or request a call back, the Mitel Sky team is just a button away.

Mitel Sky Customer Satisfaction

Mitel uses two key metrics to measure customer satisfaction. The first is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a straightforward metric that holds companies and their staff accountable for how they handle customers.

Customers are asked one simple question, “How likely are you to refer our service to a friend or colleague?” The results are used to generate an objective score, which we share publicly. We proactively contact our entire client base twice a year to obtain their feedback and clients can change their score at any time.

The second metric Mitel uses to measure customer satisfaction is the length of time they retain clients. Contracts are annual, so customers can leave after just 12 months, but they don’t. Mitel’s average length of retention is seven years. Any company claiming to compete under modern rules should be happy to share their average length of retention.