Brilliantly Simple Voice and Unified Communications

A Phone System for Business and Much, Much More

Mitel Sky is a brilliantly simple business phone system and unified communications solution. Whether you need just a basic office telephone system for a single location, or sophisticated call center software that supports agents all across the country, we have a set of cloud-based products to meet your needs. Our advantage comes from combining our own hosted, managed, business phone system software with expert professionals focused on your success.

Our customers enjoy a phone system experience that they love. We asked them what sets the Mitel Sky solution apart and they said:

  • Getting Started – We make transitioning your company to our phone system painless
  • Simplified Management – Our clients want to be out of the phone business. We make that happen
  • Customer Service and Transparency – Reach out support team directly with the press of a button
  • Call Quality – Perfect calls beyond the dial tone
  • Integration – Easy integration with core business applications, like your CRM

The Mitel Sky business phone solution starts with our world-class cloud based phone system and includes all of the office phone functionality you would expect. To it, clients can add any number of additional services to meet their specific voice and communications needs. We built our VoIP telephony system from the ground up to offer world-class voice solutions in the cloud. As a result, our customers enjoy the enhanced flexibility, sociability, and reliability of using a hosted communications solution.

Sometimes people ask if our other services can be used without our phone system. The answer is no for very good reasons. We believe that voice is the heart of business communications and a world-class phone system is the starting point for any communications solution. We also know that unified communications applications, contact center solutions and application integration work best for businesses when they are thoroughly unified with the core business phone system.

Next Generation Phone Systems for Today’s Business

More and more businesses are moving their applications and processes to the cloud. Business telephone systems are no different from those other applications. Companies realize the benefits and simplicity of moving their communications to a hosted provider. Serving the hosted market since 2000, we provide an experience and quality that our customers love. But beyond just providing great quality and simplicity, our advanced services for business phone systems further stand apart from other VoIP providers thanks to our rich business intelligence applications and our wide range of UC solutions; including:

  • Mitel Sky Mobility – Make and take business calls on your smartphone
  • Mitel Sky Communicator – Easily chat, share and connect with colleagues
  • Mitel Sky Softphone – Work from anywhere without a handset
  • Mitel Sky Scribe – Read your voicemail

So Where to Start?

If you are like most people, you don’t buy a new business telephone system every day. We know that choosing the right business phone service provider is often confusing and difficult. We recommend that you explore four key parts of any solution you consider:

  1. The Phone System – Begin by exploring our Cloud Phone System. You’ll learn aboutCall Conductor, the hosted, managed VoIP software at the heart of our office phone solution. Remember, the best solutions provide more than just reliable quality voice service, they also offer advanced intelligence so that your phone system can help run your business.
  2. The Solution Provider – VoIP vendor selection is even more important in the cloud. We’d love to tell you about the Mitel Sky experience.
  3. Unified Communications – Modern business phone systems do not have to stand alone. They work with a variety of unified communications tools and services to help your team be more responsive and make life easier for remote and mobile workers.
  4. Application Integration – If voice is a critical part of your business, your voice solution should integrate with your key business applications. Our powerful, yet easy to use tools make this a snap,often without any additional cost.