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It’s time to evolve to the next generation of IP convergence; we at Evolve Technologies, provide our customers with high performing, feature rich and reliable end-to-end business VoIP and data network solutions. These solutions are designed to enhance your business practices by increasing your employees’ productivity and reducing your overall operational expenditures.

Evolve Technologies has been providing “Best of Breed” business communication solutions to our customers since 1995. Whether your organization is large or small; campus, regional or global, technology has led us to the next generation of convergence in a world of ubiquitous environments. As our customers’ needs grow (in this changing time of Business IP Telephony, converged network infrastructures, WIFI and HD video) Evolve Technologies is able to provide and integrate world class solutions through our valued partners to help our customers benefit from the power of technology and convergence.

As the creator of the modern phone system, Mitel understands that business demands enterprise-class data integrity, application reliability and physical safeguards. The goal of eliminating all single points of failure is the reason for our investment in several levels of redundancy to maximize uptime for your business. Mitel Sky is co-located in multiple carrier grade facilities with advanced power, security, network and fire suppression technologies built-in to ensure operation, even in the event of severe natural or manmade disasters.
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Evolve Technologies provides you the opportunity to make a single contact for all of your local, long distance and internet services. We have agency agreements with Level 3, Cbeyond, XO, Time Warner Telecom, Century Link, Nitel, Comcast, and many other national CLEC’s with whom we can provide competitive quotes for their services. As our customer you will have the ability to review many unbiased options through a single company, Evolve Technologies, saving you the time and frustration of working with multiple companies. Evolve Technologies can provide high quality converged network services for both your domestic and international business communications through our valued partnerships.
How do I operate in “the cloud”? What does this mean to my company? The transition to cloud computing and cloud computing security shouldn’t require the reinvention of your business or even a change to your current processes. The transition should be virtually transparent to all users and provide additional security features, efficiencies for your business and reduced capital spend. Evolve Technologies has partnered with Virsage Solutions to be one the exclusive providers of Virsage WorkPlace in the Denver area. Our top concern is your cloud computing security
There are numerous benefits from high-definition video conferencing. First, clear, crisp picture quality and synchronized audio with minimal latency helps to maintain focus and provide an effective, high-quality video conferencing experience. For example, projecting images in HD offers a wider presentation angle that enables more meeting participants to be on camera and fully engaged in the meeting at hand. High-definition video conferencing technology broadens the quality and range of information communicated through video conferencing to create a valuable communication tool for business, distance learning, telemedicine, community, government, and charitable activities.
Evolve Technologies Managed Business VoIP Services Program offers our customers peace of mind by enabling you to provide the highly reliable, easy to use Mitel IP phone system throughout your enterprise for an affordable, fixed monthly payment. By knowing your monthly telecommunications cost, you can focus more of your resources and attention on driving the continued success of your business. Evolve Technologies your VOIP service providers, offerings bundle the major cost components of telecommunication services including installation, network assessments, maintenance (software updates, telephone support, hardware return/replacement),training and all MAC work (adds, moves and changes), helping you to avoid unexpected additional charges
Evolve Technologies provides converged network solutions for our customers LAN/WAN networks, security challenges and wireless needs through our valued partners: Enterasys Networks, Juniper Networks, Dell, SonicWALL, Adtran, Extreme Networks, Palo Alto Networds and Aruba Networks. Our Partners are leaders in open converged network security products. Evolve Technologies has the expertise to integrate and customize these solutions for your business based on your specific requirements to offer a complete end-to-end solution. Our network security solutions will provide immediate cost savings by reducing operational expenditures.